Covid 19 Policy & Procedures

The Park Hill Art Festival Aug 22 & 23, 2020

COVID-19 Event Operations Procedure 

CCM Events Operation Procedures implement the current Denver County Public Health Order for outdoor gathering events to accommodate of 175 at one time at the Park Hill Masonic Lodge of Denver, CO.

The Event Operation Procedures use the Park Hill Masonic Lodge to set up 10x10 art booths for an art festival. Specifically, attendees would maintain 6’ social distancing and sub-groups of attendees would be 12’ away from adjacent sub-groups. The expected size of sub-groups may range from individuals up to groups of 5 based on observations from other past festivals.

In order to minimize potential for lapses in social distancing, there will be no food sales during events to avoid the potential for line queues.

CCM Events reserves the right to stop any patrons if it appears that the number in attendance exceeds the CCM's ability to provide effective guidance on social distancing and COVID-19 protocols.

Patrons, Staff & Artists

The Denver County Public Health Order Seven Commitments of Containment will be incorporated into our Codes of Conduct as follows:

1. No one may come to this event in if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, including cough, fever, muscle pain, or loss of taste or smell.

2. Use of a facial covering is required during ingress and egress

and while moving in walkways.

3. Do not attend the event if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive or who is exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms

4. Maintain 6’ of distance from other individuals not in your household group

5. Maintain 12’ of distance from other sub-groups of individuals

6. Wash hands often

7. Persons with higher health risk are encouraged to not attend these public events.

Entrance & Exit

Entrance and exit will occur via Dahlia St. Due to the disbursed locations of public parking, we expect persons coming to and from the festival will take many routes. An entry & exit gate is planned. It is intended to have attendees counted upon entrance and counted upon exit of the festival. 20’ walkways will be provided and signed between the rows booths designed to maintain social distancing.

Marketing and Signage

Marketing will be to local residents in Denver. This events is open to the public. Overall marketing will occur through flyering, newspaper advertising and social media. In addition to the Event description and times.The following information will be conveyed in our marketing:

• Covid-19 Protocols and Codes of Conduct • Bring your own food and beverage with no food or beverage concessions.

Multiple signs will be placed during event at all areas. Signage will include the Covid-19 Protocols and Codes of Conduct as well as separate art signage to physically illustrate the 6’ social distancing requirement and the 12’ distancing requirement between sub-groups.

Portalets & Sanitation

A minimum of 3 portalets will be placed on the interior of the venue to assist with disbursing users. Portalets will be spaced at least 6’ apart and there will be an individual wash station for each portalet to facilitate hand washing. Signage will encourage handwashing and to remind persons waiting in line to maintain 6’ social distancing.

Gloves will be made available to everone for toilet use. The portalets & handwashing stations will be cleaned before the event. High touch surfaces of the portalets (i.e. handles), handwashing stations and trash/recycling receptacle touch points will be cleaned once each hour during the event. Staff will wear face coverings while cleaning during an event.

CCM Events will follow the COVID-19 Guidance for Cleaning Public Restrooms. Both cleaning and disinfecting will be used before the event and once each hour on public high touch surfaces during the event. Disinfecting will use an EPA registered disinfectant for use against the novel coronavirus.

Security & Emergencies

Patrons, staff and artists will be noticed to call 911 in the event of an emergency. A first aid kit is located at the entrance booth to address minor medical issues.

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