Park Hill Marketing

A promoter's first responsibility is to bring patron's to the show. We at CCM Events take this responsibility very earnestly. Your success is what makes a show grow and thrive. We wanted to share how we will accomplish that first responsibility.

1. 3 - 1/2 page and 1 - full page ad in the newspaper that reaches to the heart of the homes in Park Hill; The Greater Park Hill News. The 1/2 pages will run March and April. The full page ad will run May 1st. 
Here is a bit about the paper: The Greater Park Hill News is published monthly for the benefit of the residents of the Park Hill area. The newspaper is distributed on the first of the month to 14,000 homes in Greater Park Hill. They also distribute to businesses and retail districts in the surrounding neighborhoods.
2. One month before the festival, we distributed 3000 full color 8.5 x 11" flyers door to door to homes in the immediate area.
3. One week before the festival, 3000 3x8" full color drawing tickets were delivered to the homes in the immediate vicinity of the festival.
4. 200 11x17" posters in businesses, community centers, bulletin boards, and parks through the show area.
5. Full page ad in Denver Post's "The Hub" and Denver Events calendar posting on City Spark for Denver Post placement with premium promotion package.
6. Press releases to select Denver mass media including Denver Metro newspapers like The Denver Post.
7. Four weeks before the festival, our huge banner up on the festival site. The banner reinforced all of our advertising to our core audience.  
8. Two week feature on a marquee on east bound Colfax Ave announcing the art festival. This marquee is 1 block east of the busiest intersection in Colorado.
9. CCM’s “Stretch” the stilt walker and CCM's "street team" will be handing out tickets & flyers and getting the word out to residents on the first day of the festival.
10. The Art Festival Shopping Spree. Hand out those tickets. We used this marketing last year at Park Hill ( See the results at and for the past 5 years. It has been a huge success. The core idea of the promotion is that posters and flyers for an event often get ignored or thrown away. But if you reinforce all your marketing with an 8"x 3" full color ticket that could be worth $1000, most likely you will keep it. Not only will you keep it, but you most likely will come to the event to see if you win. Because the patron has to be present to win, they came to the festival. (