Artist Application

CCM Events is excited to continue The Park Hill Art Festival in the heart of Denver's historic Park Hill neighborhood!
Applications are due March 1st. Visit or call me directly about possibilities - Darren 303-324-5956.

June 6 & 7
CCM Events is excited to continue The 7th Annual Park Hill Arts Festival June 6th & 7th, 2020 in the heart of Denver's historic Park Hill neighborhood!

This is a 7th year outdoor juried fine art/fine craft show that will once again be presented on the grounds of the Park Hill Masonic lodge. The grounds are located on Montview Blvd between Dahlia and Eudora street. We will be accepting a maximum of 80 artists. The dates for the show have been chosen carefully as the beginning of June is one of the city's most beautiful months with average temperatures in the low 70's.

Saturday - June 6th 10:00 am - 5:00 pm & Sunday June 7th - 10:00 am – 5:00 pm 

Linda an artist from Denver said after the show: "Your show this weekend has been wonderful. I will fill out the questionnaire that you have provided, but I wanted to give you a special thanks. If you are the one who is responsible for the ice water being passed around at no charge, thank you. (I had forgotten what 80 deg. feels The way you have arranged the tent set-up is pretty perfect...Great setup."


Denver's Park Hill is one of the most beautiful historic neighborhoods in the city and is a perfect setting for an art festival. It is located in the northeastern quadrant of Denver and has approximately 26,422 residents in 10,221 households. Park Hill is also the neighborhood where previous Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper resides. Its median income is $88,479, well above the city's overall median income of $55,128.62, with 5% making over $150,000, 10% making $100,00 to $150,00, and 20% making $60,000 to $100,00. 

Also, the show is located in the southern part of Park Hill among these affluent residents. Park Hill features tree-lined streets, homes, and parkways with quaint local shopping areas located throughout. The show location is less than a mile from Denver's City Park, Denver Zoo, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


Denver, CO * Park Hill Neighborhood * Park Hill Masonic Lodge grounds, 4819 Montview Blvd, Denver, CO 80207

• Application Deadline - March 1st
• Notifications - before March 15th 
• All withdrawals from the jury process must be in writing before March 2nd. After March 2nd if you are accepted, you will be charged for your spot.


All forms of original fine art and fine crafts. Painting, Sculpture, Metal, Glass, Printmaking/Drawing, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Jewelry, Wood, Fiber and Photography.


4 digital images of your work and 1 image of your display. The 5th image must be an image of your display that should include the same kind of work shown in the other four images. Images must be only of the work and category to be displayed (if you wish to display more than one category, you must jury 4 images of each category and be accepted in each category applied for).


The Artist must be present to exhibit and exhibit only their own original work - No Exceptions. A Picture ID will be required at check-in. Reps will be asked to leave with forfeiture of fees. No buy/sell. Artists must design and craft all the work. Only white tents are allowed. 


A) The application fee is $45 and is non-refundable. You must pay $45 for each juried category in the show. Example: If a person wants to apply in both Painting and Jewelry, pay $45 twice for the application fee. Only the categories accepted by the Jury may be displayed. 

B) The space fee for this year's show is $385. Your credit card will be charged for booth/corner fees only if you are accepted. Credit card charges will be one (1) day after the notification date.

C) Corner spaces may be requested for $75. The corners will be awarded on a first come basis at the discretion of the show director. 

D) No refunds after the jury commences March 2nd - NO EXCEPTIONS. 

E) NO Electricity is available. 

Approximately 10 x 10 feet. All spaces are on grass outside. No inside or covered spaces are available. Read This Disclaimer - By submitting a payment for the application fee and uploading images for jury consideration in the Holiday Handmade Gift Market, you automatically agree to the following statements:

I agree to bear all risks and expenses for any losses, theft of, and/or damages to my artwork or injury to any person, family or guests regardless of the cause.
I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by the show coordinator.
I agree to waive and relinquish all claims I may have against Darren Skanson, CCM, Inc., and its agents or subsidiaries.
I agree that each item displayed and/or sold will be of my unique designs and my original work. My reservation for this show is a commitment to participate in this show, and no re- funds will be made after application deadline date.
I affirm that images submitted for judging are representative of the work to be exhibited and that CCM Events reserves the right, to its sole discretion, to determine the type of arts and crafts that can be displayed during the festival.
I also agree that the show director reserves the right to ask artists to remove work that is inappropriate or does not meet the common definition of “handcrafted” or “artwork”.
I agree to abide by all the rules set forth in this application for the Holiday Handmade Gift Market and that CCM Events is permitted to use my submitted images for the promotion of this show.